Pure Production

The company was struggling to reach new clients despite having a strong portfolio.

At Raize, we understand the importance of a strong portfolio for a photography company. However, having a great portfolio is not enough to attract new clients. To tackle this case study, we first conducted an analysis of the company's existing digital presence, identified the gaps, and developed a strategy to bridge those gaps. We recommended a combination of paid social media advertising and leads generation to drive traffic to the company's website and generate leads.

Through paid social media advertising, we created targeted campaigns to reach potential clients in the company's local area and beyond, showcasing their stunning portfolio and highlighting their unique selling propositions. We also implemented retargeting campaigns to re-engage with visitors who had shown interest in the company but had not yet converted into clients.

In addition to paid social media advertising, we implemented a lead generation campaign to capture potential clients' information and nurture them through email marketing campaigns. We created a lead magnet, such as a free guide or discount, to incentivize potential clients to provide their contact information. We then developed a series of automated email marketing campaigns to nurture the leads and convert them into paying clients.

Overall, our paid social media advertising and lead generation strategy helped the photography company reach new clients, generate more leads, and increase revenue. We continuously monitored and optimized the campaigns to ensure maximum ROI, providing the photography company with the best possible outcome.

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